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Construction of the three-year plan released baked "green building + intelligent building" into the future trend

Construction of the three-year plan released baked "green building + intelligent building" into the future trend

Industry News
2017/11/22 15:30
"Factory production + assembly-type construction", Huzhou future construction industry will be more green, more intelligent. Reporter learned yesterday from the municipal construction department, "Huzhou Municipal People's Government Office on accelerating the construction industry to enhance the implementation of the views" was released in the next three years will support key construction enterprises, the development of green buildings, prefabricated buildings and residential decoration, promote the construction industry Structural transformation and upgrading, to build a strong city. The company is located in:
As the first demonstration zone of prefectural-level ecological civilization in China, in recent years, Huzhou green building has been widely used in commodity houses, urban public buildings and affordable housing projects. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the city completed a total of about 1,000 energy-saving assessment reviews of civil buildings and completed an energy-saving building area of ​​over 20 million square meters. The company is located in:
"Since the beginning of this year, Huzhou Binhu Primary School and Huzhou Hengda Grand View Phase I have won 6 green building design marks (4 provincial and ministerial objectives and tasks)." According to the relevant person in charge of the Construction Department of the Municipal Construction Bureau, Opinion, "the future will vigorously carry out demonstration of new green building materials application pilot projects to promote the application of green building materials ratio. The company is located in:
In terms of intelligent building, in the future, new residential buildings in the downtown districts and counties will be the first to adopt standardized, integrated and modular assembly-type decoration, and actively promote the application of modern technology and integrated integrated facilities and equipment. According to the determined fully-assembled building control zone in the central city and the administrative divisions in all counties, the newly-constructed buildings will require over 30% of the building area to be assembled and constructed. The company is located in:
Around the total goal of building a strong city, Huzhou will comprehensively enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry. By the end of the "Thirteenth Five-year Plan" period, the total output value of the construction industry in the city will exceed 150 billion yuan. The added value of the construction industry will strive to reach 8% of the city's GDP. ; Foster the creation of more than two provincial and above industrialization demonstration bases or assembly-type construction industry base; construction market order to further standardize and further improve the level of project quality and safety. The company is located in:
"For construction enterprises, we adhere to the principle of giving priority to helping and supporting to cultivate and develop a group of large-scale construction enterprises or enterprise groups with strong comprehensive strength, large asset scale and good social reputation." The official said that the municipal construction bureau and the municipal transport Bureau, Water Resources Bureau and other competent departments of industry each year will be in accordance with the comprehensive strength of enterprises, the development trend of the industry and the leading role to determine the nurturing object, implement point-to-point help guide and support the optimization and upgrading of enterprise qualification. The company is located in:
At the same time, by deepening the "one run at a time" reform, to further rationalize the construction industry, project quality and safety, project cost management agencies and functions, to achieve the construction industry approval of the intelligent approval and dynamic verification, optimization and improvement of construction drawings review, construction permit and The completion of acceptance record and other work processes, the implementation of "capacity" mechanism, so that enterprises enjoy real convenience.
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