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Five environmental protection "- Hunan development of prefabricated buildings

Five environmental protection "- Hunan development of prefabricated buildings

Industry News
2017/11/22 15:28
From November 21 to November 22, the Propaganda Department of Changsha Municipal Party Committee organized major mainstream media reporters and visited 7 enterprises and units such as Yuanta Shouyou and Zhongmin Chouyou for an interview on the prefabricated buildings and green buildings to be held in Changsha 2017 Hunan (Changsha) Assembly-type Building and Construction Engineering Technology Fair preheat. The company is located in:
In the ambitious housing, to see such a scene: windows and doors, curtain walls, concrete prefabricated parts are all produced in the workshop, cranes are on the construction of housing walls, amazing. The company is located in:
According to reports, nowadays, prefabricated houses in the factory production of the main components, and then assembled to the scene, "building like building blocks," the prefabricated building flourished in Hunan, refreshing people's understanding of China's construction. The company is located in:
"15 minutes to do a wall, 3 days to cover a house, 50 days to complete the fine decoration can be checked bag." People's Construction Technology Group, head of people, said the assembly-type building is not only efficient, but can do "five one Environmental protection ", that is, energy-saving, water-saving, land, materials, festivals and the protection of the environment, can reduce construction waste more than 90%. The company is located in:
It is understood that the assembly-type construction in Hunan started earlier and after nearly 20 years of development and exploration, it has become one of the provinces in the field of residential industrialization and assembly-type construction in the country with a relatively complete production capacity and a large capacity and rapid development. By the end of October this year, the production capacity of fabricated buildings in the province will reach 25 million square meters with a total industrial output value of 40 billion yuan. The industrial base covers more than 20 cities and prefectures in the province and 14 provinces outside the province. The company is located in:
"By building the Expo platform to recommend the world's achievements and experience of assembly-type buildings in Hunan, so that Hunan's building out of the country for the benefit of the world." Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, the relevant person in charge of this year's Expo building a larger scale, the industrial chain More complete, more influential, the exhibition area of ​​45,000 square meters, the leading domestic enterprises will be a collective appearance, a full display of the construction industry, the whole industry chain of new technologies, new products, new achievements and new achievements.
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