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Company Profile


Company Profile

        Fujian Nanan Tianyu Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and completed the asset restructuring in 2010. The company expanded steadily in the direction of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and construction services in accordance with the highest standards of the industry. The new factory is located in the historic and cultural city of Fujian Province - Shuian Town, Nan'an City, the Joint Venture DK36ABC Lot, covers an area of nearly 65,225.6 square meters, the total plant construction area of 47,000 square meters with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, a total investment of 250 million acquisition of the current The most advanced production equipment and the establishment of the most advanced steel structure assembly line.

        The company currently employs more than 250 production staff, more than 300 installation staff, all kinds of professional and technical management and senior engineer, designer 75, but also the appointment of well-known foreign designer team 5; with an annual output of more than 50,000 tons of steel production Capacity, production scale among the best in the industry in Fujian Province.

        Tianyu Navigator said that cultivating a team with superb technology, can only focus on creating a customer boutique project. Welding is an important quality control point in the production of steel structure, the level of welding technology staff is Tianyu steel products a strong guarantee of product quality. In recent years, the company insists on the people-oriented management philosophy, adheres to the enterprise spirit of "honesty, pragmatism and innovation", strictly follows the three-in-one management mode, such as independent innovation of ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18001, Brand development, and gradually improve the system.

        After these years of hard work, Tianyu Steel has embarked on a fast track of healthy development and opened up the international market, especially in Southeast Asian countries. The company has undertaken a number of well-known projects, including Manley (China) Solar Energy Co., Ltd., Henan Luohe Biomedical Park, Henan Shuguang Medical Devices Group Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Fuxiang Textile, Hubei Wanshun Investment Co., Ltd., Source Ceramics Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jiayu Ceramics Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou City High Star Ceramics Co., Ltd., China Railway Second Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Harmony world one and two, Fujian Province Bandung Stone Co., Ltd., Dragon Aromatic (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. , Ruipai Metropolis, Jiangxi New Scenery, Zhangzhou Yiyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd., Sichuan Bazhong Panxing Western China Logistics Park, Henan Zhonghe Stone Industrial Park, Zhejiang New Mercure International Building Materials City, Hunan Ansha International Building Materials City and other projects In recent years, the company designs high-quality structural steel structure system and relies on advanced production technology and excellent service to construct various types of industrial light steel structure, industrial heavy steel structure, high-rise steel structure, bridge steel structure, equipment steel structure, stadium Steel structure, involving traffic, civil, commercial, industrial and many other fields, the past few years Built more than a hundred well-known works.

        The company has two professional qualification of steel structure contractor, steel contractor is actively bid for a professional qualification. Nanan City Administration for Industry and Commerce has been rated as "the contract and keep credibility unit"; 2012 by China Construction News Fujian correspondent station recommended as "well-known construction enterprises," the credibility of the unit. Excellent quality, perfect service and full quality assurance system allows the company to establish a good reputation and a broad customer base in the field of steel structure construction, the business scope involves more than ten industries.

        Tianyu steel survive by quality, efficiency and development of the strategic objectives of today's Tianyu Steel exudes a glittering brand charm. In the future, the company will continue to give full play to its own advantages, strive to open up, proactive, with a more full spirit toward the integrated, science and technology, environmental protection direction; the same time, the company sought sincere cooperation with all sectors of society, research and development First-class technology, the production of first-class products, first-class construction projects, to create first-class brand, Tianyu steel will use the quality to deduce, let the technology to interpret, let the management to interpret. Will be full of confidence to meet the steel industry in China in the international steel market more brilliant tomorrow.